Have you just started a sustainable business? Could you use some help to get your business going and get your product to market? Apply to BeStart for free. We help circular start-ups in the north of the Netherlands to become successful. We support you with an elaborate hands-on programme, make sure that you get a seat at the table with the right people within our vast network, and offer individual coaching on those issues you need help with.

You can sign up here. Our new programme starts in April 2020. Do you need a more elaborate english explanation about the programma and the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to pick up your phone and give us an e-mail (ronald@bestart.nl) or a call +31-612138876.

Three phases

The BeStart programme consists of three phases: Think, Check and Grow. During the Think phase, you focus your goals: what product are you going to sell using which business model? During the Check phase, you check your assumptions and approach your first clients. During the Grow phase, you have the tools at your disposal needed for growth, and we continue to support you with individual coaching, business knowledge and networking.

Individual coaching

From the start of your participation, you receive individual coaching from our start-up coaches. They have worked nationally and internationally with thousands of start-ups and have vast experience with almost all possible problems and issues. The coaches assess your specific needs to make your business successful and stand ready to support you during the work sessions and throughout the programme via telephone and Skype.

BeStart network

By participating you receive access to our vast network in the north of the Netherlands. We know the parties who are looking for innovations and we help you to come into contact with them. In this way, you meet people who can help you e.g. with financing or reaching your first customer. At the end of each phase, you present your start-up to the whole network at our DemoDay.

Work sessions

During the monthly work sessions, we assess business and organizational issues which are essential at the early stage of your start-up. This includes your business model, pitching techniques, your (niche) market, finding clients, legal issues, finding investors and negotiating with them, subsidies, patents and personnel. Additionally, you use fellow entrepreneurs as sparring partners.


At the DemoDay, you pitch your start-up and your challenges to the circular business network in the north of the Netherlands. The businesses and government departments challenge each other to offer you the best access to their network. This is a unique chance since it can take months or even years for a start-up to get to know the right people in the right organizations.

BeStart is for

  • Spin-outs of existing enterprises
  • Recent graduates who have just started a sustainable business
  • Senior managers who are working on their own business after a career elsewhere
  • Spin-off businesses from academic institutions

Chances in the north of the Netherlands

If you are not located in the northern part of the Netherlands (the provinces of Friesland, Groningen
or Drenthe) but are open to expanding your business to our wonderful region, then get in contact
with us. We offer many opportunities in our region to (re)locate, to network and to innovate.